🔵 Customs FREE shipping and FREE 30-day, no-hassle returns for all Irish and British orders: it's part of our DBH 100% satisfaction guarantee ( who doesn't love that?). we are also the first hair company in Ireland to offer a next delivery service.

🔵 Stress-free shopping as only the highest quality materials are used.

🔵 Our rigorous testing and high-quality sourcing remove any uncertainty that comes with getting new hair and also ensure your wigs stay yours for much longer. Our units can last for years with the right care. Look out for our 'How to care of your unit' blog.

🔵 Style it your way: Our units can be styled and dyed in numerous ways, whilst still maintaining the hair's natural luster and shine. The quality of our hair is always at the forefront.

🔵DBH is 10% more fuller & 100x more funner than the competition: At DBH we sell full density hair so you can rest assured knowing that you are getting the density you paid for?